• Thanking our current sponsors:

The Aldabra Marine Programme is a non-profit organisation committed to carrying out long-term monitoring and marine research at Aldabra Atoll, southern Seychelles. We are affiliated to the Cambridge University Coastal Research Unit and consist of a core founding group of four scientists. Our work could not be achieved alone and we depend on many volunteer scientists who also share our enthusiasm for conducting research at Aldabra and protecting this unique site.

Aldabra is very remote, over 600 miles from the capital of Seychelles and almost 300 miles from the nearest major land mass. Consequently carrying out research at the atoll is very expensive. During the past three years the Aldabra Marine Programme has used chartered boats to get to Aldabra and each expedition has lasted approximately 4 weeks.

These expeditions have been funded primarily by CORDIO in 1999 and 2001, and Total Fina Elf in 2002 (and also 2003). We have also been fortunate to have additional support from British Airways Assisting Conservation, The Royal Society, The Royal Geographical Society, Shoals of Capricorn Programme, The Global Environment Facility, Cambridge Coastal Research Unit, ICI Image Data, Borg Warner Automotive, Dahm International, profitability Business Solutions, Mares and World of TUI.

We have also had generous support from individuals, whom we shall not name, but wish to thank very much.

Many other organisations and companies have given us assistance in one way or another, and we thank them for that and hope their support for AMP will continue in the future.

If you think you could help the Aldabra Marine Programme please contact us